3 Steps for a Clean & Fresh Skin

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Cleansing morning and night is a must. Your skin is also active at night and brings lipids and toxines to the skin surface. During the day, your skin is exposed to air pollution and weather conditions. Perhaps you also use make-up which can clog the pores if not removed daily.
It is therefore essential to clean your skin thoroughly twice a day. In addition to the cleansing milk from the basic line of products, DermaPrime also offers  the following:

  • 0500 Gel demaquillant pour les yeux
    Particularly suitable for the problem-free removal of all sorts of mascara and lipstick. Does not cause irritation and is suitable for every skin type. It can moreover be used by individuals who wear contact lenses.
  • 0501 Bi Phase eye Cleanser
  • ​0504 Creme exfolianteA gentle facial scrub twice a week will lead to refresher skin tone and improved circulation as dead skin cells are removed. Extremely fine quartz crystal and a wonderful scent combine to make this treatment enjoyable and improve absorption.

After cleansing, prepare your skin for the following step using one of the 4 lotions depending upon your skin type.

Skin care products help your skin maintain its function and can therefore help slow down the aging process. In addition to the day cream, the night cream and the mask there is a variety of special products at your disposal.

  • 0600 Creme de jour teintee canelle and bronze
  • 0601 These naturally tinted mat protective day creams contain a UV-filter and are suitable for all skin types. The colour bronze has been developed for the somewhat lighter skin, whereas the canelle is more suited to brunettes. Use preferably over your usual day cream.
  • 0602 Creme contour des yeux
    Especially developed for the most delicate skin around the eyes. Contains a fine selection of plants and flowers. The skin is also well protected outdoors thanks to the UV-filter.
  • 0603 Gel-masque pour les yeux avec lipsomes
    Fine lines and fatigue wrinkles are softened by this revolutionary mask. Bags under the eyes are reduced effectively. Modern components such as lipsomes and biosphere’s stimulate the cell production and prevent new wrinkles from forming. Gently massages around eye area and remove excess with tissue. Can be used daily.
  • 0604 Creme pour le cou
    The neck and decolletage need special attention and care due to their specific tissue structure. The combination of mallow extract and elastin have a firming, revitalising and moisturising effect. Use also on breast area and upper arms.
  • 0606 Masque proteïne
    You really do not have the spare time, but you would like to appear looking fresh and radiant. This milk protein mask will take care of your skin within 3 to 5 minutes with direct visible results. A mini face-lift!
  • 0612 Creme hydratant
    This light moisturising cream with rose extract and rice flour as it base, can be used as a foundation under every day and/or night cream and sun products. A great product for the skin that needs extra hydration.
  • 0614 Gel masque à la menthe
    A wonderfully refreshing moisturising mask, enriched with a variety of essential oils and plant extracts. Wonderful during the summer or after a long hard day. Use also weekly as a breast mask avoiding the nipples.
  • 0616 Creme AHA
    AHA-complexes refresh and defoliate your skin. The complex composition of his 24-hour cream can be used for daily skin care or as a special course of treatment as desired. Your beauty specialist would be happy to advise you on this.
  • 0620 AHA gel antibacteriel
    An indispensable product in the treatment of acne. AHA-complexes and essential oils ensure that the pH of the skin remains neutral and that the growth of the bacteria is reduced.
  • 0624 Crème anti acne kukui
    Tinted anti acne cream with kukui helps to prevent and cure the problem of acne. Contains a neutral sunscreen of its own.